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Elevate your next audition inside the Audition Mastery program —streamline your technique, sharpen your focus, and leave your competition in the dust.

Audition Mastery Elite

Audition Mastery Elite short-term intensive focused 1:1 online month online program crafted to prime you for your upcoming audition, ensuring you step into the spotlight fully prepared and poised for success.

Throughout the program, you’ll discover how to prepare your audition prep on the violin using the three foundational pillars to violin mastery:

Enhanced Confidence:

  • Gain unshakable confidence in your abilities through comprehensive preparation that leaves no stone unturned

  • Develop the assurance to perform under pressure, knowing you are fully prepared for any audition scenario.

Peak Preparation:

  • Achieve the highest level of readiness with a program tailored to bring out your best when it matters most.

  • Master audition-specific strategies that enhance your performance, ensuring you present yourself as a top contender.

Elevated Skill Level:

  • Noticeable improvement in technical skills, from complex fingerings and bowings to dynamic control and phrasing.

  • Accelerate your learning curve by focusing on targeted skills that impact your overall playing and audition success.

Holistic Development:

  • Strengthen your mental focus and resilience, key components that contribute to your performance under the rigorous demands of auditions.

  • Enhance physical endurance and health, crucial for maintaining high energy and stamina during performances.

Artistic Growth:

  • Cultivate a deeper artistic expression and connect more profoundly with your music, allowing for performances that resonate with emotion and impact.

  • Expand your musical interpretation skills, enabling you to deliver compelling and memorable performances.

Strategic Mindset:

  • Learn to think like a jury member, understanding what panels look for and how to effectively appeal to their criteria.

  • Develop a strategic approach to your repertoire selection and presentation, optimizing your audition program for maximum effect.

Long-Term Advantages:

  • Build a foundation for continued success beyond the program, setting you up for further achievements in your musical career.

  • Gain insights and techniques that will benefit all future performances, auditions, and competitive settings.

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Luke, Scholarship Recipient at Andover College Prep High School and

Juilliard Conservatory

“Dovid was my son’s primary violin teacher through four of his formative years, and I credit him for inspiring and enabling Luke to develop his technique, musicianship and personal confidence to a level required to pursue playing violin as a career.  

Luke now studies with the top teachers and performs with the best players in the world at Juilliard School of Music and has a promising performance career ahead of him.  

What makes Dovid particularly effective as a teacher is that he is currently a leading performing violinist – he is in the arena himself.

Dovid can model in real time, the effect or outcome the student is trying to achieve.  Dovid is doing his own practicing before and after his students’ lessons, and his students know this.

Dovid’s students can be certain whatever Dovid asks of them or prescribes for them, he is doing himself – this is why he knows it will work and help.  

Dovid’s teaching is not overly rigid or confining; he meets the student where they are and identifies what will help each particular student the most.  He encourages his students to experiment and think critically about their work for themselves. This quality alone is missing in much of the violin teaching world and is of tremendous benefit when the player matures and moves beyond a teacher-student relationship into a performer in his or her own right. 

Dovid is one of the most optimistic and generous people I have met, and he brings these qualities to his work and relationships with his students. He is their biggest fan. He inspires his students with his ability to see hope and promise in them. They draw confidence from Dovid and develop a work ethic from his personal positive example. 

Through raising three sons, each studying violin, and becoming proficient players, I have experienced many important violin teachers and can unhesitatingly recommend Dovid and rank him among the very best.”

Doug Henderson, Raleigh, NC