Hi, I’m Dovid.

Welcome! My journey with the violin began at the tender age of three.

By sixteen, I was already carving out my path in the professional world, embarking on a vibrant career that led me to positions with the San Antonio Symphony, Columbus Symphony, and an enriching 15-year tenure as the associate concertmaster of the North Carolina Symphony. Each season, I had the joy of performing chamber music and as a featured soloist, with exciting pieces such as the Hindemith Kammermusik, Wieniawski, Vivaldi Four Seasons.

Beyond my own performances, I've been privileged to mentor a diverse group of students, many of whom have achieved remarkable success.

My students have not only gained admission and scholarships to prestigious college prep schools like Andover, Phillips Exeter, St. Paul's, and Milton Academy but have also been invited to top music schools including Juilliard, Eastman, Cleveland Institute, and Peabody. As well, many more students secured full scholarships at leading universities like UNC Chapel Hill, leveraging their violin skills while pursuing degrees in various other fields.

My teaching philosophy, Mind Body Strings, is born from a lifetime of understanding that playing the violin is akin to playing a sport, involving the crucial integration of mental, physical, and musical disciplines. This holistic approach has helped my students sit at the forefront of youth orchestras, win prestigious competitions like Fischoff, and attend esteemed summer programs such as Meadowmount. Many have gone on to professional careers in music, joining orchestras, or even starting their own teaching practices.

As a performer, my passion continues to thrive through chamber music and various innovative projects. I’m also the talent behind the celebrated Friedlander Violin, a digital instrument crafted by Embertone and used in scores by notable composers, including James Cameron.

When I’m not with my violin, you might find me on a mountain or road bike, or even competing in Ironman races and Tough Mudders, embracing the thrill of endurance sports which echo the stamina and discipline of musical performance.

Here at Mind Body Strings, I believe in nurturing each aspect of the musician, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive development that translates into life-long skills and success.

Join me, and let's make music that moves and inspires!

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