Your journey to violin success.

Mastering violin is a journey.

Violin Journey is an ongoing program tailored for students with long-term aspirations, such as securing scholarships and admissions to prestigious universities and music schools. This comprehensive program focuses on consistent development and in-depth mastery over time.

Violin Journey: Mind, Body, Strings

Violin Journey is an ongoing online violin program created through my philosophy of violin playing and teaching.

Violin playing is a full-body sport - when you play the violin, you’re an athlete. You must have control of your whole body, your mind, and your technique. Most (if not all) violin methods focus on only ONE aspect: the strings. This leaves you not paying attention to two-thirds of the whole puzzle.

Sustained Skill Development:

  • Continuous improvement in violin technique, ensuring a steady progression towards mastery.

  • Regular updates and adaptations to the curriculum to meet evolving student needs and goals.

Academic and Musical Preparation:

  • Focused training aimed at achieving specific academic and musical objectives, such as university or conservatory admissions.

  • Guidance on preparing for entrance auditions and scholarship applications, maximizing chances of success.

Deep Musical Understanding:

  • Extensive study of a broad repertoire, fostering a deep understanding and appreciation of diverse musical styles and historical contexts.

  • Enhanced interpretive skills, enabling students to deliver insightful and emotionally resonant performances.

Personalized Mentorship:

  • Ongoing mentorship that adjusts to student growth, addressing challenges as they arise and celebrating milestones along the journey.

  • Regular feedback sessions to refine technique, performance style, and artistic expression.

Holistic Development:

  • Integration of Mind, Body, and Strings methodology to promote a balanced approach to violin playing, emphasizing mental clarity, physical health, and technical proficiency.

  • Strategies for managing performance anxiety and building confidence that apply both on and off the stage.

Strategic Career Planning:

  • Assistance in planning musical careers, including guidance on choosing the right schools, programs, and opportunities.

  • Networking opportunities with professionals in the field, providing insights and connections that can benefit future career paths.

Long-Term Commitment:

  • A commitment to each student’s long-term growth, ensuring they have the support and resources needed to reach their highest potential.

  • Preparation for life as a professional musician, including skills necessary for self-promotion, career management, and lifelong learning.

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Luke, Scholarship Recipient at Andover College Prep High School

and Juilliard Conservatory

“Dovid was my son’s primary violin teacher through four of his formative years, and I credit him for inspiring and enabling Luke to develop his technique, musicianship and personal confidence to a level required to pursue playing violin as a career.  

Luke now studies with the top teachers and performs with the best players in the world at Juilliard School of Music and has a promising performance career ahead of him.  

What makes Dovid particularly effective as a teacher is that he is currently a leading performing violinist – he is in the arena himself.

Dovid can model in real time, the effect or outcome the student is trying to achieve.  Dovid is doing his own practicing before and after his students’ lessons, and his students know this.

Dovid’s students can be certain whatever Dovid asks of them or prescribes for them, he is doing himself – this is why he knows it will work and help.  

Dovid’s teaching is not overly rigid or confining; he meets the student where they are and identifies what will help each particular student the most.  He encourages his students to experiment and think critically about their work for themselves. This quality alone is missing in much of the violin teaching world and is of tremendous benefit when the player matures and moves beyond a teacher-student relationship into a performer in his or her own right.

Dovid is one of the most optimistic and generous people I have met, and he brings these qualities to his work and relationships with his students. He is their biggest fan. He inspires his students with his ability to see hope and promise in them. They draw confidence from Dovid and develop a work ethic from his personal positive example.

Through raising three sons, each studying violin, and becoming proficient players, I have experienced many important violin teachers and can unhesitatingly recommend Dovid and rank him among the very best.”

Doug Henderson, Raleigh, NC